Monday, February 13, 2012

How to Have a Perfect Date

1D Slash Weekly Contest - Valentine’s Day Week

Louis was in a bind. Not an unrequited love sort of bind, he’d already had that particular crisis. Which actually ended in him sending Zayn, Harry and Liam out to do some recon work.

No, this bind was simple, now that he knew his feelings for Niall were mutual how was he going to act on it? Obviously he was going to ask Niall out that was a given. But how remained the big question. It had to be perfect, it had to there were no ifs ands or buts about it.

He knew he was going to ask Niall on Valentine’s Day. But where, when, how? That was were Louis was stuck. Not to mention other important things like what would he wear?

Was he going to ask Niall on a date with him beforehand? But wouldn’t that be giving it away?

So because Louis was stuck he sought out Harry, because he always went to Harry even if the other boy didn’t know anything on the subject.


"Say it again?" Harry asked finally. "Slower and in plain in English would be good as well,"

Louis sighed. “How should I ask Niall to date me?”

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed. “How about ‘Niall, will you be my boyfriend’?”

"But! That’s too easy, Haz. This has to be perfect,"

Harry sighed and rolled his eyes. “Sometimes the simpler the better,” He advised, making Louis groan and leave the room, mostly because it was unhelpful in the extreme. And when did Harry go all Yoda anyway?


Since Harry turned out to be massively unhelpful (“better is the simple sometimes, young padawan”) Louis decided to turn to Liam for help with “Operation Confess Love to Niall and Get Him to Love and Adore Me for the Rest of Our Natural Lives”. He’d named the operation on the fly. And the name was likely a bit long.

If Daddy Direction couldn’t help then no one could!

"Liam! Liam, wait up!"

Louis watched as the younger boy rolled his eyes but acquiesced with the elder’s demand all the same.

"Is this about asking Niall out?"

Louis pouted. “Yes! What did Harry tell you?”

Liam sighed. “That you have this crazy idea that it needs to be like some sort of wedding proposal, why don’t you just keep it simple like Harry suggested? It’s not bad advice. Besides, less can go wrong,”

Louis gasped. “Are you suggesting that I ruin things?”

"No I j-"

Louis didn’t bother to stick around. Stupid Harry convincing stupid Liam that Louis’s plan was stupid.


There was only one person that Louis could turn to now. Zayn.

The Bradford boy barely glanced up when Louis approached him. “Look I know what you want,” He sighed finally. “And I personally think that you don’t need all the production but telling you that is like telling a fish not to swim so I’ll help you out,”

Louis grinned from ear to ear. “Thank you, Zayn!”

The younger just rolled his eyes, but a tiny smile was on his lips revealing that he wasn’t quite as annoyed by Louis as he made himself out to be. At heart Zayn was a big old romantic, marshmallow.

"Okay, if we’re doing this we’ve got to be serious about it. We’re going to need candles, a rooftop, a table, some chairs, romantic music and Nando’s lots and lots of Nando’s," Zayn said rubbing his hands together in anticipation.


Louis had been acting weird all week. And it wasn’t normal Louis randomness either, the Doncaster boy could barely stay in the room when Niall entered it. And he was spending a lot of time with Zayn recently.

Plus, both of them kept staring at Niall when they thought he wasn’t paying attention. It was all very annoying and Niall was quickly losing patience with whatever was going on.

It was the fourteenth before Niall got anything out of Louis. He’d texted the older boy a question.

"Just come to the roof about seven, okay? - Lou"

"Louis! What the hell is going on? -Niall"

"Nothing. Just come to the roof okay? - Lou"

Niall sighed and glanced at his clock. It was about forty-five minutes until he was supposed to meet Louis on the roof. Niall’s cell phone buzzed again and he opened the text, from Louis again.

"Wear something nice okay? - Lou"

Niall groaned but pulled himself off of his bed and made his way to the closet to find something nice to wear. He settled on a gray cardigan with a blue shirt because it was February and bound to be colder than a well-digger’s ass. Then he shuffled to the bathroom figuring if he had to wear nice clothes he better do something with his mop of hair too.

The last time Niall had done anything with it Zayn had been the one insisting that his hair would look great spiked. And Niall had to admit that it look pretty good. But it was a lot of hassle just to go to the roof. Well, knowing Louis some big production was about to go down on the roof so he might as well do his hair like Zayn suggested.

By the time Niall had finished and grabbed a coat to throw on it was about ten til seven. The Irish boy opted for the elevator rather than the stairwells. If he was going to freeze his ass off he wasn’t going to add extra physical activity too.

When Niall finished climbing the few stairs to the roof he noted that it had started snowing. But not hard, just the gentle white fluffy flakes you saw in the movies. As he looked around for Louis he noted a large table. Niall blinked not sure he was seeing this right, but as he approached the table to verify the quiet night air was suddenly filled with the sounds of Justin Beiber singing about kissing underneath the mistletoe.

Niall’s couldn’t help the smile that formed on his face. He could guess where this was going.

Louis made his dramatic entrance from the other side of the roof. He was wearing a blue and white striped shirt with white suspenders and bright blue pants. Actually, he looked really good. Niall waited as the older boy approached him.

"May I have this dance?" Louis asked offering a hand.

"Sure," Niall said unable to stop the laugh that was bubbling up his throat.

As he gave Louis his hand he found himself suddenly pressed in close against the other boy. And Niall wasn’t complaining it was actually kind of comfortable. Since neither of them was really an amazing dancer they just sort of swayed in endless circles as the song switched from Justin Beiber to Michael Buble.

At the end of the second song Louis stepped back and led Niall over to the table. Niall blinked when Zayn seemingly materialized out of thin air carrying what looked like three huge bags of Nando’s take-out. Which were deposited on the table ceremoniously.

"Louis…what is all of this?" Niall asked finally.

"Shhhhh," Louis pressed a finger over his lips. "I’ll tell you when you’ve finished eating,"

"All this food is for me?"

"If you want it,"

Niall grinned again before tearing into the carry-out bags with all the voracity of a starving tiger. Louis just watched carefully crafting a little speech in his mind. In the end Niall didn’t end up eating all three carry-out bags. But he came damn close.

"Okay," Niall said as he licked his fingers. "Now are you going to tell me what’s going on?"

For a minute Louis watched Niall licking his fingers his mind wandering to…other things. But Niall’s question managed to break through the little fog that had developed in Louis’s mind. “Oh…um…yeah,”

Louis cleared his throat. “Yeah. So. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about you and about me and El. I think I finally figured out the reason why she thought my heart wasn’t in it, because it wasn’t. In fact my heart was already stolen before I even met her. It was by this little blond Leprechaun you see. I’ve loved him since the moment I laid eyes on him, he has these beautiful blue eyes and I can’t quite decide exactly what shade they are. And he’s got a laugh that you can’t help but laugh along with and a smile that could light up up a whole city block,”

"Is there something you want to ask this boy then?" Niall asked when Louis paused for a moment.

Louis smiled. “Yeah, Niall James Horan. I love you and I know you love me so I think we should make it official. Will you be my boyfriend?”

Louis was rewarded with a bright smile and then Niall was lunging across the table to wrap his arms around the Doncaster boy. “Of course,” He replied. “But you know you could’ve just asked me, right?”

by risquenouis