Monday, March 26, 2012

Word of your Body

Flirting, lovebites and almost kisses can lead to confusion. One night, everything becomes very clear and both find something they thought they might never have.

Come, cream away the bliss


Harry was never one to be instinctive. No matter what happened, he always felt the need to think before doing, not because he wanted to, but because it was the way he was designed.


Louis was standing a few feet away from him, smirking down at the curly haired bloke. They were alone and yet Harry felt like one thousand eyes were watching him.


Curiosity had begun when they first met at X-factor boot camp when Harry and Louis had first met one another. Louis had always been the picture of confidence to Harry and he was always pretty blatant about what he wanted… Unless it came to the odd but also thrilling relationship that he and Harry developed over the next year or so.


Harry never knew if it was simply a game that Louis liked to play (with all the hand holding, love bites and teasing) or if Louis actually meant the things he said and did.


Travel the world within my lips


It was a torturous two years and now, they were in the United States for their first North American tour. Everything had gone by so fast; they went from being completely unheard of and rocketed to success in less than two years. The whole process had been a bit daunting, but at least Harry had had Louis beside him to comfort him.


But now, Louis was staring at Harry with a questioning look in his sapphire eyes. Harry wanted desperately to say something or just laugh it off, but there something new about this look. Something… serious. It made him shiver with anticipation and even a little bit of fear.


What did Louis want? Was today different than any other time that Louis had made a homoerotic joke toward him? Were those jokes just for the fans and the cameras or was there real intention behind them?


Harry’s head swam with question as he clutched the bed sheets under him to outlet some of the nerves that were consuming his every breath.

Fondle the pearl of your distant dreams


Louis had spent many nights trying to push his thoughts about Harry from his mind. He had a girlfriend for crying out loud! And yet, they wouldn’t stay at bay.


They began to reign his every thought and over the last couple of weeks in America, Louis decided he needed to confront his feelings with an ultimatum: he either needed to give up the entire teasing act that no doubt played with Harry’s emotions or he needed to go for what he wanted, which right now, was Harry Styles.


He opted for the more terrifying but also the option he truly wanted.

Haven’t you heard the word of your body?


There was no time for talk as Louis pressed his lips against Harry’s. No words would suffice the explosion of attraction, electricity and comfort that came from the connection.

Harry wished he had thought about this months ago. Why had they deprived themselves from this when it had been bubbling beneath the surface for so long?

O, you’re gonna be wounded


Harry deepened the kiss so much that he accidentally cut into Louis’s lip. But the pain didn’t matter to Louis, only Harry mattered right now. And well, mostly Harry was the only thing that seemed to matter anymore to Louis.

O, you’re gonna be my wound


Louis slowly maneuvered himself so he was on top of Harry, straddling his hips. This was a much better vantage point for he could see exactly what he was working with. Harry really was gorgeous and when Louis pulled away from his lips for a moment, Harry sighed in disappointment.

O, you’re gonna bruise too


The older bloke saw this dissatisfaction and decided to take advantage of Harry’s vulnerable moment. Louis swooped down so that his mouth was inches away from Harry’s neck.


Louis’s heated breath danced along Harry’s neck and the curly haired bloke squirmed underneath Louis in anticipation.

O, I’m gonna be your bruise


Louis pressed his lips against Harry’s neck and began to suck gently at the soft skin. Harry moaned in ecstasy and Louis smiled with satisfaction when he pulled away and saw a fresh bruise beginning to form where his mouth had previously been.

“Oh god….” Harry murmured, tearing away from Louis. The reality hit him. He was making out with his best friend and band mate.


“I know. I’ve been waiting ages to do that. I think that when we look back on tonight, somewhere down the road, tonight will seem unbelievably beautiful Like, almost too perfect to consider it real.” Louis shared, looking down at Harry’s concerned face.

Louis brushed a stray curl from out of Louis’s face and smiled down at the younger guy. He no longer cared what others thought. He wanted to be with Harry and while management had always warned them about these type of relationships would give the media the perfect thing to tear them apart, Louis couldn’t care less.

This is what he wanted: to be right here and right now with Harry, sharing the beauty of the moment with one another and not giving a damn about anything or anyone else.

Harry felt the same way but he was also a lot more tentative about what was happening between the two of them. It was all so new.


He pressed his hand to where Louis had given him the love bite and he knew that questions and speculation were going to arise from it, but ultimately, it didn’t matter. Louis wanted him and Harry very much reciprocated those feelings.


“But what about now?” Harry teased, looking up at Louis with playful eyes through his thick eyelashes.

Louis shrugged. “Why not?”


He went down to resume their kissing again but Harry had more to say: “I never thought we’d be… intimate like this. When you knocked on my door tonight, I thought we’d only talk or hang out, like we usually do.”

Louis tried not to take offence because of Harry’s words. Did he not want what Louis wanted? Louis was utterly at a loss. He suddenly felt very self-conscious to the point that he moved off of Harry so that they were simply sitting next to each other on the bed.

“You didn’t want this.” The older bloke stated, regret and guilt reining his every thought.


Harry realized that he had definitely said the wrong thing. “No! That’s not how I meant it. I care about you; Louis and I want to be with you. I was just wondering, what made today different than any other day?”


Harry captured Louis’s hand in his own and Louis breathed out a sigh of relief before rolling back over so he was face to face with Harry.


“I don’t know how to explain it. It just was…”

O, I’m gonna be wounded
O, I’m gonna be your wound

That was enough conversation for both of them. They quickly got lost again in each other.

Today was different than any other day because it was the beginning. Why it happened this way, neither bloke can or will tell you, it just did.

They no longer cared what other thoughts as they explored each other’s bodies. This is what they wanted. This is what they needed.

They were each other’s escapes from the world. They could be exactly who they wanted to be in each other’s arms and eyes.

O, I’m gonna bruise you
O, you’re gonna be my bruise

by darbygirl30fanfic