Monday, April 2, 2012

The Man With Two Faces

They both wanted him, but it wasn’t worth the fight, so they continued to watch from afar. That is until a man offers them a solution, but can they really trust him?


Liam and Harry had a problem, in the form of a small, blond Irish boy named Niall. That damned boy had flirted with the two of them, playing with their feelings creating tiny strings of metal that pulled them ever closer, as they were trapped in his web, and they were intoxicated with his poison.

But neither of them was willing to act on it, because Niall seemed oblivious to the chaos he was creating with their hearts, while they could see each other clearly, and although it pained them, they had silently decided not to pursue him because it was simply not worth destroying their friendship with jealousy if the other should win.

But there was a solution, one that they found one day when walking along in London, Charing Cross Road to be exact when a boy who reminded them on Niall stopped them, holding up his hand, his blue eyes critically appraising them, almost as though he could see through their eyes into their soul and thoughts.

“There is a solution to your problem you know.” His voice held the superior tone of someone who came from a rich family, a perception only strengthened by his dress in an impeccable suit, blond hair gelled back.

Liam narrowed his eyes at the boy, pushing Harry behind him, wary of the stranger’s motives. “And just what would this solution be and to what problem?”

The boy smirked, tilting his head and leaning against the wall. “The two of you both have a crush on your band mate and you might not want to admit it Payne, but you want him. And I can give you a way to have him, without technically having him.”

Liam had to admit that his curiosity was piqued, and almost as though there was magic at work he found the words pulled from within, “Okay then what’s your solution?” He dropped his arm, and Harry stood up beside him, all concerns forgotten as this boy had the one way to free themselves from their prison, while still being allowed to taste the sweet nectar of Niall.

With a flourish he produced two small vials, only a mouthful of a sludgy substance in both, “This is your solution. It’s Polyjuice Potion, just a single strand of Niall’s hair and you would be able to turn into him. My suggestion is that you both take some and then make love, because even though you will be with each other, it will be like you are with Niall, so no one has to get hurt.”

There were so many issues with the proposed statement, for one they were going to be taking an unknown substance from a stranger, which was dangerous in themselves, and assuming it served its purpose the feelings involved between the two of them could get messy. But the image in their mind of being with Niall, feeling his body under theirs, his blue eyes shining with lust was too much to take.

“We’ll take them.” They chorused, and the boy raised an eyebrow pulling his hand away.

“Really? Did you really think I was going to give them to you for free, you must be stupider than you look.”

Liam growled, digging around for his wallet as Harry simply looked at him, his own wallet back at their apartments because he didn’t want to risk losing it. “How much do you want?”

“I don’t want your money, I have enough, and besides what would I do with your money. No, you can have this potion, if you both kiss me, with tongue.”

Liam started, glancing around the crowded London street in alarm, worried about what the press would say if they saw him and Harry kiss a random boy in the street. Harry had no such qualms, stepping forward, holding the boy’s face in his hand, and bringing their lips together.

His entire body tingled, as his tongue explored the mouth, addicted from the first touch, and with his eyes closed, this boy had the same presence that he imagined that Niall would, fingers running down his spine, leaving goose bumps. He jumped as Liam placed his hand on his shoulder, indicating for Harry to break the kiss, so that he could have his turn. And Harry obliged, simply staring at the ground in a daze.

Liam had a plan, to get in and get out, to not linger on a kiss with a stranger, for his heart belonged to Niall, but as the boy smirked as he drew near, his heart skipped a beat. Forcing his eyes closed, his entire body tense, he kissed the boy, immediately relaxing as they moved in perfect harmony, unconsciously moving closer together, neither wanting to break the moment, until common sense broke through Liam’s thoughts and he stepped back, thoroughly shaken.

“Well, that was interesting.” The boy murmured as he raised a hand to fix up his platinum blond hair. Extending his hand he spoke, “Here are the bottles, if you want more, you know where to find me, but next time the price will be a little higher.”

As he turned to walk away, Harry broke out of his daze and called after him, “Hey wait, what’s your name?”

Not bothering to turn around, the silky voice was carried back on the wind, “Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.”


Liam sat waiting in his apartment nervously, foot tapping against the ground, hoping that Harry had managed to get into and out of Niall’s apartment just fine. It was a simple enough job, Niall was back in Ireland for the week and Louis and Zayn were at god knows what party and would be out for who knows how long, and all Harry had to do was grab some hair off of Niall’s brush.

Hurried footsteps clattered down the hall followed by the slamming of the door, and Harry burst into the room, brandishing the blond strands.  “Got them,” he hesitated, looking at the liquid, “Are you sure you want to do this, I mean we might look like Niall, but we would still be having sex with each other.”

Liam shrugged, eyes raking over Harry’s body, able to see what the girls did, biting his lip as he realised that he was slightly turned on by that curly hair and smouldering green eyes. “Yeah I’m sure, it won’t ruin anything Harry I promise. If you feel awkward just pretend I’m Niall.”

They watched as the strands of hair were dropped into the identical vials, the mixture slowly bubbling, before turning to a smooth liquid, the colour of the clearest skies. “Just like his eyes.” Harry murmured, lifting it up to taste, preparing himself to shudder, but instead finding the taste not entirely unpleasant, almost like liquid sunshine trickling down his throat.

And then that sunshine pooled in his stomach, and he exchanged panicked glances as the heat spread, his stomach writhing uncomfortably, his skin stretching against the bone, before shrinking, hair receding and bleaching, clothes pooling around him. Harry lay trembling on the ground, waiting for the transformation to end.

“Harry?” Liam asked uncertainly, except his voice came out in Niall’s melodic Irish tone, “Bloody hell.”

Raising a hand to his face, Harry noticed they were smaller, before running his fingers through his shorter straight hair.

And then he glanced up, looking into Liam’s now bright blue eyes, round with curiosity and an animal lust took over and he stood like a predator, prowling towards his prey.

He pushed Liam back onto the bed, climbing on top, legs straddling his hips, eyes watching as those soft pink lips that didn’t belong to his parted with anticipation. Fingers tangled in Liam’s blond hair, pulling him close as Harry kissed aggressively, biting on his lips, begging for more. Hands strayed along the body, so small and lithe, muscles hiding beneath the skin, waist so small that hands rested easily above his hips, fingers pressing in.

As each layer of clothing was stripped off and they fell even further into their little illusion, they found their minds wandering, forgetting that it was Liam and Harry, but rather Liam and Niall and Harry and Niall. Their reactions moulded, picturing to themselves Niall’s reaction as fingers traced bear skin, as kisses became more passionate.

It was Niall who they heard moan as they moved past kissing, alternating between top and bottom, to each get the experience because they knew they wanted to dominate the blond, to feel him shiver at their touch, to move with every movement, to beg them for more, to see his forehead slick with sweat as he moaned, eyes screwed up in ecstasy.

For that hour they got to live their fantasy.

They lay next to each other, chests heaving as their features slowly shifted back to normal, fingers inches away from being intertwined. As much as they had enjoyed it, neither had felt that same spark, the one that had shot into the sky like a flare when they had kissed Draco that morning.

“Should we go back and get some more tomorrow?” Liam asked, leaning onto his elbow.



They stood on the corner, huddling into their jackets against the autumn winds, the clouds rolling in across the sky as the glanced around, looking desperately for Draco.

“Look what we have here, a couple of losers looking for another hit I see.”

Spinning around, they found themselves face to face with the smirking face of Draco, fingers dancing daintily around the vials in his hands. “So I take it you are here for these?”

Harry and Liam shifted uncomfortably, neither wanting to admit that they drug that drew them back was not the deal but rather the dealer.

Draco lifted his head, blue eyes gazing down upon the pair, surveying them. “What are you willing to give me in order to get these small vials.”

“SEX!” Harry blurted out, before hastily blushing red, but his answer seemed to have appeased Draco whose smirk turned into a grin.

“Well then, it’s a good thing I already have a room organised. Here.”

A small piece of parchment was forced into Liam’s hands as the blond strutted off. Unfolding the paper they discovered the address of a hotel, and as they looked upon the feminine writing, butterflies grew in their stomach from anticipation.


Together they stood in the hallway, neither of them game to knock on the door, silent looks exchanged between them, pleading for the other to step forward. Eventually the task was taken away from them as the door swung open and Draco stood there, his eyebrow raised in question as he waited for them to actually move.

The shuffled in nervously, the hotel room small, but the double bed in the room more than sufficient enough for three people.

The night before they had just acted, their want for Niall overcoming their inhibitions, but now an internal conflict was raging between whether they should actually go through with it. But all questions were destroyed as Draco drew near, his lips coming tantalisingly close to both of them that they could feel his breath on their cheeks and they were under his spell.

As he moved backwards, scrambling onto the bed, they followed, all three off them pulling off their clothes in anticipation. Harry and Liam crawled forward, each on one side of Draco, lips kissing his collarbone, licking his neck and nibbling his ears. Their hands wandered, together massaging and causing Draco to let an undignified moan slip past his fingers.

It was perfect, as the three traded kisses, it held all the passion that was missing the night before, and Draco wrapped his legs around Liam’s waist, hands around Harry’s neck as he made out with the curly-haired boys, moaning into the kisses as Liam’s movements sent urges of desires through his body for more.

And then Draco just stopped responding, pulling away and gasping, fingers searching for a mirror as his features shifted. “Fuck.” He muttered, aware that he was too late and his identity was revealed.

“Niall?” Liam whispered, reaching forward to touch the boy’s face and see if he was really there.


“What the fuck is going on?” Asked Harry, rubbing his eyes looking at Niall who was Draco who they were having sex with in order to get a potion so they could turn into Niall and have sex because they loved Niall and he didn’t love them.

“Ummm, so I flirted with both of you cause I liked both of you but I couldn’t decide, and you were both to noble to suggest sharing me so I created this plan to force you to have sex with me and yeah.”

“You really are a slut you know. But where did you get the Polyjuice Potion?” Liam asked, wrapping his arms around the blond, while Harry crawled closer.

“Oh Draco Malfoy, he is actually my cousin, but he is a wiz- a whiz and creating hallucinogenic drugs isn’t he.”

The pair shook their heads, still trying to wrap their head around the events, but as they opened their mouths to continue the barrage of questions, Niall placed a finger to their lips.

“No, no more questions, just finish having sex with me.”

by bringingwordstolife